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oral presentation expos paper - Mitt Romney in regards to...

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Mitt Romney in regards to his intention to reinstate a system of capital punishment. (murdering criminals) his intentions were since scuttled by Massachusetts politics, but because he is a prominent figure in the republican party and may one day run for president the issue could be thrust into a national spotlight( there is support for capital punishment within the republican party). Morally and legally You can never fully prove someone is guilty, therefore their may be times when it is possible Morally how can we expect the people to act a certain way when the government acts a different way. For example, if a man beats you with a baseball bat, and then you return the favor you are punished despite the fact that you were seeking justice. In other states a murderer can and does have the favor returned without consequence to the state. they expect you not to murder regardless of circumstance. Consider a driver obeying all laws of the road, runs over a pedestrian who runs in front of the car. That driver is punished, it is called manslaughter, but if the state kills an innocent victim which it has in the past the government goes unpunished. Beyond the practical difficulties many of the greatest philosophers agree that killing is wrong whether it is done personally or as a society. Jesus who by the way was innocently murdered by capital punishment. Socrates was also mudered by the government when he was innocent of the charges against him. This despite their non violent philosophies. Not only did they preach against murder they themselves were victims of murder. It is the ultimate irony Legally its problematic. it is inevitable that innocent people will be killed, historically it has failed and has been abused. And today still is failing.
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oral presentation expos paper - Mitt Romney in regards to...

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