The Little Chinese Seamstress

The Little Chinese Seamstress - the grimmest of times. They...

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“The Little Chinese Seamstress” by Dai Sijie tells is a story about telling stories. The narrator along with his friend Luo tell stories from Western Literature to a little mountain girl the call the little seamstress. Their story telling has different effects and plays a different role in each of the characters lives. It portrays the effect western literature has on the coming of age, loyalty, love, and dreams and aspirations of the three characters. The novel starts with two civilized, middle school educated boys, who are placed in a life of filth, pain, and hard labor. They use literature as a way of keeping faith in even
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Unformatted text preview: the grimmest of times. They meet The Little Seamstress, a young beautiful mountain girl, who is barely literate and knows little of the city life. Her dreams of living the lifestyle however take shape as the novel progresses. The narrator starts as a shy young man who is scared of what the world is offering him. His good friend Luo however is bold, a good liar, and an even better storyteller. When they meet the seamstress they both fall in love with her, but Luo’s goal is to educate her in the ways of the Western World....
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