History final terrorist john brown

History final terrorist john brown - Patrick Moran December...

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Patrick Moran December 12 th , 2006 History Up Until Recon. “The Father of American Terrorism” question 4 After the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 the once protected “free soil” territories were being thrown up for grabs. The ever growing quest of the North and South to expand led to many important incidents that changed our history as well as the outcome of the United States. The Kansas and Nebraska territories would now be established through the idea of popular sovereignty. Settlers from both slave and free soil states rushed to establish communities in the new territories. In March of 1855 five thousand pro-slavery Missourians known as “Border Ruffians” rode into Kansas stating that they would vote against or kill any antislavery abolitionists. In May a proslavery army sacked the city of Laurence. This infuriated a man by the name of John Brown, who led a few men down Pottawatomie Creek and murdered a few proslavery men in cold blood. In August some Border Ruffians sacked and burned Osawatomie to the ground. Once again, Brown was infuriated and planned another attack, a plan he had intended to follow through with even before these incidents. “I was making preparation for the commencement and vigorous prosecution of a tedious, distressing, wasting, and long protracted war” 1 His attack was not just on the south and slavery; he intended to do a lot more and accomplish his goals. John Brown was a failure at most things he attempted in life. He failed the business aspect of his life, but always used religion to track his ideas. He believed God sent him to abolish slavery. “I acknowledge no master in human form”
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History final terrorist john brown - Patrick Moran December...

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