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Governor Mitt Romney The State House Governors Office 25 Beacon St. Boston, MA 02116 Dear Sir, It is with great concern that I learned of your recent statements regarding the death penalty as a strategy for deterring crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Although you appear to have the best interest of the commonwealth in mind, I strongly believe, as do many others, that murder in return for murder is inexcusable regardless of circumstances. Since the beginning of history, capital punishment has been overused and under- scrutinized by all types of societies. In many cases capital punishment has served the causes of tyranny and oppression as much as the cause of justice. Historical examples of this type of abuse include the Spanish Inquisition and The French Revolution. And yet despite the horrific legacy that these state sponsored killing sprees have left us, our modern society remains unable to evolve beyond its checkered past. As Governor of Massachusetts, and more importantly as a respected member of the Republican Party, it is your responsibility to consider carefully the policies and laws of the state and the nation as a whole. As such, I plan to lay out a detailed argument that debunks the use of your “fool proof” capital punishment utterly. I will begin by examining the philosophical underpinnings of our liberal democratic system, which clearly deny the justice of murder whether by a person or a society. Then I will layout the legal implications and consequences of instituting a system of capital punishment.
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Finally I will describe the potential benefits both social and economic of preserving the lives of even the most violent criminals. Beyond the practical difficulties of convicting and murdering criminals with absolute certainty of their guilt, there is a great moral question that needs to be explored. Many of the greatest philosophers upon whose ideas this country has been built agree that killing is wrong in every instance. It is clear to many from your public speeches and private conversations with media, that you proclaim yourself to be a religious man. As a Christian how can you deny the clear message of your own savior Jesus Christ who not ironically I think was a victim of capital punishment himself? Would you ignore his message and shun his powerful words: “Do not judge so that you may not be judged. For with the judgment you make you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get” -Mathew 7: 1-4 Would you have the state judged or the nation judged as you would have potential innocents judged? Consider this hypothetical: A driver obeying all laws of the road, runs over a pedestrian who runs in front of the car. That driver is punished, it is called manslaughter. But if the state kills an innocent victim, which it has in the past (we will discuss specific examples later), the government goes unpunished. In truth, that is just an aside compared to the truth of the Christian ethic best described in Luke:
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Governor Mitt Romney - Governor Mitt Romney The State House...

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