Jewish immigrants culture

Jewish immigrants culture - Patrick Moran October 14th 2007...

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Patrick Moran October 14 th , 2007 Professor Merson, U.S. History II “A Little Milk, a Little Honey Jewish immigration has left a large dent in our nation’s history, as well as the rest or cultures that immigrated to the United States. Jewish immigration to the U.S. first started in the mid 17 th century and only began to slow in the early 20 th . All immigration during this time period was hard, but the Jewish, through all the hardships, kept their culture alive and well through these hostile times. Some culture, with 2 nd generation U.S. Jews, was seen as improved. Throughout Europe, America was seen as the future, and was thought to be a new start for immigrants. “America was rich, America was good, America was hope, America was the future” 1 This was both true and false with many Jews traveling oversea. Several hundred thousand Jews came over between 1870 and 1915. The first wave of Jews was Spanish and Portuguese, where the second wave was regarded as German. These Jews came primarily because of economic depression in Europe. Even before leaving the shores of Europe they faced hardships. They stayed in emigration inns while awaiting their turn. They were vulnerable to being robbed before leaving. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the journey itself was hazardous. The ship conditions were unbearable. The living quarters were cramped and uncomfortable. The food was old and unhealthy, and the air was impure and had an unbearable stench. As one passenger said “The cabin was
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Jewish immigrants culture - Patrick Moran October 14th 2007...

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