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American in Holocost - Patrick Moran America and the...

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Patrick Moran December 15 th , 2007 America and the Holocaust #5 The Jewish Holocaust is one of the most horrific things to ever take place in Earths History. The murder of millions of both Jewish and non Jewish people in central Europe left a terrible scar on the human race. Although the blame of the extermination of peoples during the holocaust is primarily on Hitler and his Nazi regime, some critics believe the American and Ally leaders should face some blame because of the lack of effort put forth to stop it. Long before WWII had began, Hitler’s discrimination of Jews was well known throughout the World, mostly by President Roosevelt who was elected in 1933. He sympathized with the Jews and made every effort in American government and in Europe to change immigration laws in order for German Jews to escape the Nazi regime. Although he dramatically changed immigration laws, there were still limitations being placed on immigrants. The depression in America was not helping the situation either. Even so, America was letting double the amount of immigrants into the US then any of the other nations combined. Before the time of war, Hitler’s goal was to exile the Jews from Germany. He made attempts by taking the property of Jews as an effort to push them away. However, as the war began, the Nazi policy radically changed. The war began on September 1 st 1939, where Hitler strongly prohibited emigration from Germany and by June 1940 Europe became a prison for Jews. Hitler believed that the Jews were
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American in Holocost - Patrick Moran America and the...

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