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Patrick Moran February 7, 2008 Kaitlyn Wilder Crusading Charters Assignment Be it known to the faithful of Christ, that I, Phillip Augustus, knight of castle Odo, venture to fight in the name of God against all who oppose his divinity, in the Holy land. It should be known, that William Augustus, the eldest of my sons, shall be entitled to inherit all the property both cultivated and not cultivated stretching from the stream in the forest to the public road connecting the towns of Hyrule and Montmerle, in my stead if I
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Unformatted text preview: shall not return from this pilgrimage. The property, in its entirety, includes the manor house, the stable, the pasture, fields, forests, streams, and all water channels within the boundaries stated above. William shall hold, in full responsibility, the duties of collecting payments from all tenants, as well as the weekly trade of goods with Sir Richard Renard, Duke of Hyrule. If another lay claim this land, may the divine power of God punish him, with great ferocity, for his actions....
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