empire of my heart

empire of my heart - Patrick Moran September 26 th , 2006...

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Unformatted text preview: Patrick Moran September 26 th , 2006 The Empire of My Heart In the early 17 th century, English adventurers voyaged to the new world in order to escape the accelerated pace of social change, as well as the growth of population and the decrease of land in England. Some voyaged with dreams of wealth arguing that the North American mainland contained resources of incalculable wealth (Divine pg 33) 1 . Little did they know they were in for many hardships and struggles. When settlers first arrived there was little known about this new world and how to survive in these vast unknown lands. The winters were harsh and long and provided little food for the families to survive. A few desperate colonists were driven to cannibalism (Divine pg 36) 2 . Life expectancy was very low at these times. Rarely men or women would grow old. Death was high whether it was from lack of food, disease epidemics, or attacks from Native Americans. Death at infancy was also very likely at these times. People simply lost the will to live (Divine pg. 36) 3 . Some people would turn to religion to keep them alive. Religion plays a very important role in all of the households in the New World. People would shape their lives around their religious beliefs and ways (which also have a large part in The Empire of My Heart story). A breakthrough was made however; certain Native Americans were helpful towards the survival of the settlers, teaching them ways to plant and trade crops, mainly tobacco. This new found crop skyrocketed the economy and lead to The Great Migration. The population patterns fluctuated greatly until this point. With the development of plantations for different crops came the migration of thousands of people to America. The population grew tremendously around 1630 from about 1 to 2 1 Brands 33 2 Brands 36 3 Brands 36 1 thousand up to 15 thousand people. The people formed different factions and religious thousand up to 15 thousand people....
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empire of my heart - Patrick Moran September 26 th , 2006...

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