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new class society paper - Patrick Moran December 6, 2006...

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Patrick Moran December 6, 2006 Social Class-American Society What social class do you fall under in our society? Are you happy with your position? What would or could you do if not? Chances are your categorized as a working class citizen with the other 90 percent of our population. Chances are you won’t ever be labeled as a privileged class citizen. Are you willing to fight growing class inequality? Or will you just settle with the other 90 percent? How many features of class inequality can you associate yourself with? In a family of 5 boys in a city neighborhood I believe I can relate to the average family in the working class. Starting with my Grandparents on both sides coming from strong Irish morals and beliefs, both sides has overcome family, wealth, and government difficulties. My grandfathers worked during the depression to provide and healthy and safe life for their families, instilling values of hard work and loyalty to family. One of my grandfathers worked in the city as a Boston public school teacher, as well as working with the cities education, he lead the sports aspect with great success and also worked with various government organizations. He was well aware of how the city worked and how it provided for its citizens. My father followed in his footsteps and joined the Boston Teachers Union (a union that protects the rights of its members). He also studied and near perfected Kenpo Karate and Jiu Jitsu. His practices enlightened him morally and showed him ways to include his values in everyday life. He also was one of five boys and didn’t have the opportunities some of the other kids had. He appreciates the power and position government plays in Social Class society. I come from a middle class family where my parents have worked hard to give us our daily necessities and on occasion, more. I’ve 1
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seen many things in my lifetime that can associate me with the way social classes are defined today . As a youngster I went to a catholic school where most of the students were middle class just like me. In the fifth grade I left the school and went to St Pauls in Cambridge. The kids there were mostly upper-class citizens with family connections and highly regarded parents. They had everything I wanted, but nothing I could have. As I connected and made new friends I learned a little about the upper class lifestyle and the differences from my background and upbringings. I later went to Boston Latin Academy for the remainder of my high school years. I studies with mostly middle class but also a lot of lower class people struggling with poverty. There were many things I could connect with but could never understand the hardships of the poor lifestyle. After High school I could relate or understand most of what I thought the social class model is. This is now my second year at Framingham State College and I’ve learned a lot in the past year. College has enlightened me on so many different aspects of government and development of lifestyles in America. When I came across this course I wondered and
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new class society paper - Patrick Moran December 6, 2006...

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