Atom bombs - Patrick Moran "The Bomb; The Biggest Decision:...

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Patrick Moran “The Bomb; The Biggest Decision: Why we had to Drop the Atomic Bomb” After Japan’s attack on Pearly Harbor the US was forced into a war in the Pacific. FDR announced to the public that Japan would have to agree to unconditional surrender before the war was over. It became a national slogan and was placed on President Truman’s shoulders in the years to come. This is what eventually led to the entrance and mass destruction caused by the atomic bomb. Was it the right choice made by Truman to drop the bomb? Or should he have sought alternate routes? American used a strategy of invasions, conventional bombing, and blockading in an attempt to force Japan into surrender. The Japanese soldiers were ferocious, especially in their own habitat, and fought to the death, mainly because of their cultures beliefs. Regardless of what Japanese government officials said, its militants “were prepared to fight on regardless of consequences.” 1 They wanted America to invade so they could inflict such horrific amounts of casualties until the Americans were demoralized and would take back their initial policy of unconditional surrender. “The militarists held effective power over the government and were capable of defying the emperor, as they had in the past.” 2 America first attacked Okinawa. Nearly 50,000 American soldiers were killed by the tenacious fight of the Japanese soldiers. It was the first large scale use of kamikazes. They even dispatched the super battleship Yamato in hopes of attacking American ships
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Atom bombs - Patrick Moran "The Bomb; The Biggest Decision:...

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