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outline for social problems - Patrick Moran April 21, 2007...

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Patrick Moran April 21, 2007 Social Problems Outline I Social Inequality is the idea of how the classes are separated by equality. The upper class controls the lower class and the lower class does not have an equal opportunity to change their personal or political positions 1. How does it affect our nation? a. It affects our households with less leisure time due to people having to work more hours, less health insurance (some jobs don’t provide), more personal debts (mortgage, daily bills), a decline in savings, and the cost of higher education. b. It’s in society in many ways. For example, People who are trying to start their own businesses, as well as people not getting jobs because of their race/ gender. Bad management and corporations downsizing also causes loss of jobs. II What is causing social inequality? 1. Corporations and compensation a. Globalization- After WWII the Marshall Plan was used to get foreign countries to buy American Products. It didn’t directly increase the economy, but when companies merged and the competition between foreign and US’ products increased, so did the profits.
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b. Profits: CEO’s of big corporations don’t care for their workers or
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outline for social problems - Patrick Moran April 21, 2007...

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