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Victoria Roan 991838145 April 2, 2007 Hum 03 Role Play Summary As the doctor, I asked my partner where she was having problems. She told me that she was had a cold. I asked her to further elaborate on the symptoms, to which she listed: sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose, and a lot of phlegm in the mornings. Then, I asked her question about the different treatments that she’s already tried before talking to me and whether or not this was chronic. The fact that she was also a Chinese American girl made it a lot easier for me to relate and ask her questions on possible traditional Chinese remedies that her family may have recommended. Being of the same nationality, I felt like my partner was more open with the different things that she had tried to make herself better. I felt like she was less likely to feel embarrassed, because she thought that there would be a good chance that I, too, would have tried or at least have heard similar “cures.” In was pretty similar as a patient. I told her that I had bad acne break outs. I felt pretty
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