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Self-Styled Identity

Self-Styled Identity - Jacob Mlinar Expository Writing Mr...

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Jacob Mlinar Expository Writing Mr. Ligi Section AG At least once in everybody’s life, they wish they were someone else or had the ability to do things they cannot. This is a typical feeling that usually only last a short time, and is not given any other thought after that. What if these feelings affected them to the point of not knowing who they truly are and therefore changing the perception of their identity? How far would someone go to find their true identity or to seek traits they think they have? Studies done by Jon Krakauer, Oliver Sacks, and Martha Stout follow people who are in search of their identity, and in detail explain how one’s perception of the world and identity shapes who they are in society. Is it the world around us or our own perception of which we should be that affects the outcome of someone’s identity? Everyone’s identity is shaped by the society they live in, but is ultimately up to that person’s view of society, themselves, and identity itself. Perception of reality is everything; we are only as good as we perceive to be. Actions done by one person are perceived in a completely different way than perceived by outsiders who may not know the facts about a situation. If we perceive ourselves to be someone, who we are not, how much effort would be needed to prove to ourselves that we are who we think we should be? Would the task of revealing our true identity entail excluding one's self from society and the pressure it hold upon us or just learning how to deal with society? Once again this is all in the eye of the beholder’s perception of what is
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necessary. Krakauer’ story “Into the Wild” follows a man who travels into Alaskan wilderness, removed from society, to prove to himself that he is someone who he perceives himself to be. He believes that by removing him form society, and relying on only himself to survive, will bring out his true characteristics. During this time in the wild, he learned to become a different person and have traits that he never before had.
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Self-Styled Identity - Jacob Mlinar Expository Writing Mr...

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