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Seize the Day - GuiltversusAggression: The Story of Tommy...

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Guilt–versus–Aggression: The Story of Tommy Wilhelm Tommy Wilhelm is a complex, sensitive, overweight, unemployed, middle-aged man, who cannot escape the oppression of his wife and father. Wilhelm is trapped in a very unhealthy cycle of depression, in which he is obligated to provide for his exhausting wife and his two sons. In order to meet Margaret’s demands, Wilhelm must confide in his stubborn father, Dr. Adler, who won’t consider supporting his son. Wilhelm is paralyzed throughout the entire novel; he has much aggression towards his wife, while Dr. Adler makes him feel very guilty for constantly asking for assistance with regards to his predicament with Margaret and among other dilemmas. Moreover, Wilhelm feels he must take many different prescription pills and a large gamble with the rest of his money in order to keep his sanity during this taxing ordeal. Wilhelm’s ultimate goal is to have his father approve of him. Dr. Adler’s high expectations of his son create too much pressure and tension between them. He speaks highly of Wilhelm with such sarcasm that Wilhelm feels guilty that he is unable to make his father proud. This, in turn, creates aggression for Wilhelm towards his father. . . . . He heard the old man [Dr. Adler] bragging to another old man, saying ‘My son is a sales executive. He didn’t have the patience to finish school. But he does all right for himself. His income is up in the five figures somewhere. . . .’ Why, that boasting old hypocrite. He knew the sales executive was no
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Seize the Day - GuiltversusAggression: The Story of Tommy...

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