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The Daily Show : A Cultural Phenomenon The Daily Show with Jon Stewart is currently the number one rated fake news television show in America. The only other one is the Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live . With its various segments, the witty news team, and fantastic interviews, the show has become a hit and funnier than ever. It pokes fun at all aspects of society: the 24-hour news networks, popular culture, sports, etc. The show’s political satire, the main ingredient of the show, is especially clever. In addition, these elements help prove that The Daily Show is a credible and dominant source of information through surveys and statistics. In turn, all of this makes the program and its anchor prominent and pertinent to today’s society. In order for this fake news show to compete with the cable news networks, The Daily Show needed a unique news team. The show’s humor is shared among anchor Jon Stewart and his news team of correspondents and writers. Each correspondent is given a different, satirical title for each interview, dependent upon the topic. For instance, John Oliver, the only British member of the cast, was once the “Senior Carryonologist,” presenting a report on the new airline carry-on regulations in London. Correspondents may also host original segments about international politics. In Are You Prepared?!? , Jason Jones reports on potential disasters that mock the cable news networks’ intimidating “breaking news” format. The writers also contribute their original humorous segments during the 30 minute episode. Dave Gorman, The Daily Show ’s own statistical analyst, presents a segment called Poll Smoking with sardonic perceptions of statistics relevant to current events. Comedian Demetri Martin, in Trendspotting , discusses new and current trends with a quick-to-the-punch witty twist. While the correspondents and writers-contributors get their chance to shine during the most of the show, Jon Stewart fittingly ends the show interviewing a special guest.
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Stewart’s interview is the thread that makes The Daily Show a unique combination of a late-night comedy show and a news program. The solemnity of the interview depends on the guest; however, Stewart never fails to provide at least some comic relief. The program’s world wide success is largely attributed to popular authors, musicians, and actors appearing on the show, attracting the desired demographic of young viewers. When George Clooney appeared on the program on November 29, 2006 to plug his upcoming film The Good Shepherd , he began the conversation by saying “Good to see you. I haven’t seen you in a while, not since we were in bed together.” Stewart replied, “In upstate New York, in a family’s home.” After the “reunion,” Stewart began sarcastically criticizing the dramatic effects of Clooney’s movie. He said, “This film, if I’m not mistaken, is actually shot with 1940s technology. It looks like almost like a requiem type for a heavyweight type shooting.” Clooney later makes a gay innuendo about
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Term Paper - The Daily Show: A Cultural Phenomenon The...

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