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Jacob Mlinar Expository Writing Mr. Ligi Section AG Many people tell themselves that it does not matter to them what others think, neither good nor bad. The reality to this statement is that the criticism of others is what truly makes us who we are, more commonly known as our identity. There are many ways in which society can criticize someone; religion, race, age, sex and sexual orientation are just a few examples of many. Beth Loffreda talks about the issue of the cultural critique of society on someone as she explains the life of a young man named Matt Shepard, who has a homosexual sexual orientation, in her story “Losing Matt Shepard”. Loffreda uses many different techniques as she gives her opinion on how society conforms to the tragedy of Matt Shepard in order to propel itself by appearing to care. These techniques include those of Ethos, Pathos, Locos, and how we empathize and sympathize with tragedy. It is interesting to see how society could not care about the tragedy that has occurred but is able to project the opposing opinion because it is what society wants to see. These critiques and views are what shape everyone’s identity, especially those of people who live different lives that the majority of society. Have you ever had to empathize or sympathize with someone’s situation? Everyone empathizes with someone’s situation at some point of his or her life, but very rarely can someone actually sympathize with that situation. To empathize with someone’s situation is to be able to feel someone’s pain; you know how that person is
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supposed to feel, but you have truly no idea because you have never been in his or her situation. To sympathize with a situation is to know what that situation feels like because you have experienced the situation that person is going through. In Loffreda’s story about Matt Shepard, many people empathize with the tragedy placed on Matt and his community, but almost none of those empathizing actually know what it felt like. Matt Shepard was the victim of a hate crime who died because of his sexual orientation of being a homosexual. Matt was a normal young man just like any other young man but
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Cultural Critique - Jacob Mlinar Expository Writing Mr Ligi...

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