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Bystander Intervention 1 Psyc213 APA writing tips: How to Write a Introduction Section Bystander Effect on Helping Behavior The introduction is often the hardest section of an APA paper to write. It is where you can “add your creative writing abilities” (Sewald & Sewald, 2001, p.256) to otherwise purely scientific writing. You will want to start your introduction by introducing the general topic in broad and general terms. If relevant, provide a real-world example of your topic to help a reader appreciate its importance. Also think about using this opening section to capture your reader’s attention, so he/she will be motivated to want to continue to read the rest of the manuscript. If you need to introduce more specific jargon or terms (e.g., the bystander effect), be sure to clearly define those terms. Your goal of the introduction is to have a self-contained paper, which provides your reader with any relevant background information so they can easily read your manuscript and understand your topic. After providing a general opening, you will want to start narrowing the focus of your paper by engaging in a review of past theory and research literature about your topic. This is where you will review your three articles, using the proper approach to cite each of these articles directly or indirectly following the writing guidelines summarized in the APA manual (2001). Remember that you should discuss research for EACH of the independent variables in this
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How_to_write_an_introduction_section_S08 - Bystander...

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