Bimala's discourse - On page 146 of Rabindranath Tagores...

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On page 146 of Rabindranath Tagore’s The Home and the World, Bimala expresses this realization: We women shall never understand men. When they are bent on making a road for some achievement, they think nothing of breaking the heart of the world into pieces to pave it for the progress of their chariot. When they are mad with the intoxication of creating, they rejoice in destroying the Creation of the Creator. This heart-breaking shame of mine will not attract even a glance from their eyes. They have no feeling for life itself – all their eagerness is for their object. What am I to them but a meadow flower in the path of a torrent of flood? What good will this extinction of me be to Sandip? Only five thousand rupees? Was I not good for something more than only five thousand rupees? Yes, indeed! Did I not learn that from Sandip himself, and was I not able in the light of this knowledge to despise all else in my world? I was the giver of light, of life, of Shakti , of immortality – in that belief, in that joy, I had burst all my bounds and come into the open. Had anyone then fulfilled for me that joy, I should have lived in my death. I should have lost nothing in the loss of my all.
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Bimala's discourse - On page 146 of Rabindranath Tagores...

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