cracking india - Paper 2 Answer the following question...

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Paper 2 Answer the following question Compare and contrast the narrations in Cracking India and The Home and the World . In answering this question, you must discuss the following: who is/are the narrator/s what does that contribute to the novel how does each novel benefit from the chosen form of narration Use at least 4 citations from each of the two texts to illustrate points you are making. Directions The paper will be due on Thursday, October 18 . Late submissions will not be accepted. Answer must be no more than 3 pages (inclusive of footnotes). Papers must be double spaced and written using 12-point Times or Times New Roman font leaving 1.5-inch margin on the left, and 1-inch margins on the right, top and bottom. Staple the answer sheets together before you submit the paper. Please uphold the university’s honor code. Recognized infractions will result in “F” for the course and will be immediately referred to the Honor Council.
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The standpoint of a story provides the reader with an account of other characters as well as an event, the nature of which depends on biases of the narrator. When there happen to be multiple such perspectives, the accuracy and credibility of each story multiplies and a spherical and three-dimensional view emerges. In The Home and the World , as well as in Cracking India , multiple narrators weave the fabric of each story, providing the most inclusive account of the events taking place. While Bimala, Nikhil, and Sandip, the first person storytellers throughout The Home and the World, show different perspectives of situations, they also reveal qualities of other characters. In
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cracking india - Paper 2 Answer the following question...

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