notes on luts and collins

notes on luts and collins - Lutz and Collins selection from...

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Unformatted text preview: Lutz and Collins. selection from “The Color of Sex: Postwar Photographic H istories of Race and Gender.” What is mass culture?- This is a term that’s created by the Frankford school of social theory and its contrasted to the term popular culture. The definition of pop culture is that it is produced by and for the working class. Mass culture is produced by the powerful institutions or the elite for consumption by working class folk, a tool of socialization, which teaches things about ways of living their lives. Why is NG an example of it? (i.e. who is its intended audience and what does it teach its audience?) . They have a mission – they see themselves as safeguarding US institutions. Lutz and Collins point out that the magazine is an example of mass culture. National geographic is seen by many as a scholarly journal, it is in fact not an academic journal and has no scientific merit. According to the reading, the readers of the National Geographic are white and have a wide readership. Where do we find images of women in U.S. media? What is distinctive about the types of women NG depicts? . In comparison to all print media, women are represented in certain kinds of media and not in others. In photojournalism of political events, females are lacking. The females that we do see are in others....
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notes on luts and collins - Lutz and Collins selection from...

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