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crack borgous - People were always disrespected and selling...

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People were always disrespected and selling drugs was good for self esteem Low paying jobs were available for the people in el barrio A lot of the time they would have to take several low paying jobs, and made less money than they would selling crack. A lot of people that got caught ended up dropping out of school, because their family could buy them essential things like school supplies, clothes, etc. One of the main reasons people sold crack was lack of job opportunities. The generation who sold crack were the kids of Puerto Rican immigrants. Instead of getting a better life, like wanted, they got low – paying jobs. Yet they valued manual labor. If no shift in economy, then these people would remain in the manual labor. Between 1963 -1983, there was a nineteen percent decrease in number of available jobs. Service based economy emerged. When jobs disappeared, there were no options, except for jobs in the service sector which are low-paying and supervised by Anglo-American women. There is a dramatic difference between the attitudes in behaviors between working in factory and as a service worker Factory worker – hard worker, less difference between factory and streets, expected to have opposition to the boss, violent, masculine demeanor. Workers were laboring with other people of their class, others to help in there was a problem, no direct supervision. Office worker – a lot more contact with boss, closely supervised by people who did not respect them, a lot
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crack borgous - People were always disrespected and selling...

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