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GHTH 100 Personal Wellness Course Description: Personal Wellness GHTH 100 is a course offered in Cluster Five: Individual’s in the Human Community of the General Education Program. In the Cluster Five package , students learn about themselves as individuals and as members of different communities. Through studying the many variables that influence human behavior in contemporary society, students gain an understanding of the relationship between the individual and a diverse community and develop a sense of responsibility for self and community. Students explore how individuals develop and function in the social, psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual dimensions. Specifically, Personal Wellness is one of the selections in the Wellness dimension of Cluster Five. Courses in this area examine the dimensions of health and wellness. An emphasis is placed on the factors that influence health and wellness, particularly individual behaviors. Students will participate in self-assessments that provide information about their health and wellness behaviors and their overall health status. In addition, students will learn strategies that improve lifetime health and wellness. This course includes a physical wellness component as a part of course
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SP08GHTH100syllabus - GHTH 100 Personal Wellness Course...

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