Final essay Hist 8 midterm

Final essay Hist 8 midterm - Esteban Heredia 840-2232...

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Esteban Heredia 840-2232 Ricardo Caton Wednesday 4:00 July 12, 2007 The Spaniards defeated the Aztec Indians in a short period of time even though they did not have the sufficient amount of men to do so. Hernan Cortes used various tactics to fight and conquer the Aztecs even some that were inhumane. Hernan used his military wits and acknowledged his personal weaknesses such as not having enough men alone to fight and conquer the Aztecs. He was able to acknowledge the Aztecs weaknesses such as poor leadership, their pride and morale. The most powerful tactic that he used was creating an alliance with enemies of the Aztecs, as well as utilizing his well developed weaponry. Lastly, the fact that he was mistaken for the Aztec god known as Quetzalcoatl which was a former king and was said that in his return the Aztec empire would fall. The mistaken identity was an important factor which proved to be beneficial to Cortes’ imperialistic invasion. Hernan Cortes did not have the desired amount of men that he wanted and sailed with only six hundred other men to the land of Tabasco where he fought Indians that were living there. He did not only win the small battles amongst those Indians but allied with them as well. 1 La Malinche whom was presented by the local Indians to Cortes. La Malinche became a great asset to him by being his interpreter, advisor and mistress. 2 1 Benjamin Keen, A History of Latin America, 7 th ed. (Boston: New York, 2004), 62. 2 Benjamin Keen, A History of Latin America, 7 th ed. (Boston: New York, 2004), 62. 1
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Cortes had to prove his self to the Indians in order to seem fierce and strong. The way he went about getting recognition was by fighting the Tlaxcalans and the Cholulans, which were both foes of the Aztecs. 3 The news of the victory of the Spaniards was soon heard by the messengers of Moctezuma who quickly informed the emperor of the events. 4 The battle proved that the Spaniards had superiority over the weapons and fighting skills of the Indians. The result of the battle caused fear in the emperor Moctezuma. It also created alliances with the former Indians that the Spaniards fought against, to join them in their efforts to conquer the Aztecs. 5 Cortes used the Indians in more ways than one he used them to get closer to Montezuma. Hernan Cortes efforts to be recognized for his elite army were a success but he needed to be able to get close to the Aztec empire with out being halted. Cortes plotted against Montezuma by deceitfully arranging the Totonacs to capture Montezuma’s Tax
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Final essay Hist 8 midterm - Esteban Heredia 840-2232...

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