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landscape arch. exercise one

landscape arch. exercise one - Also I am going to come to...

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Abby Kelly Landscape architecture 1153 Narrative Exercise One When I think landscape architecture I think designing yards to commercial landscapes. The fact though is landscape architects do a lot more than that. They do site planning, estate development, and even, town or urban planning. For all the ideas that the architects put on paper the landscape contractors make real. That is why I think it would be absolutely amazing to be able to do both. Being able to imagine and idea in your head then be able to carry out they idea. It would be so rewarding to be able to see the finished product. My learning goals for this class are really keep up on the pace and don’t get to far behind. Also take advantage to all the great recourses that are available.
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Unformatted text preview: Also I am going to come to all the classes and make sure I take full advantage to all the knowledge that is going to be thought during this course. My goal for my dual degree in landscape architecture and construction in the short run is to work for a well know firm. This will help me continue to learn they many aspects that are involved with both. My intermediate goal it to start my own business that is a one stop shop for all you landscape needs. We will design then install. Where I really want to go with this degree though is I want to get into high end commercial and residential development. This is my career goal and I think that the dual degree of landscape architecture and construction will help me get there ....
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