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molecular genetics study questions - Study Questions 11...

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11 Structure and Function of DNA Basic Knowledge 1. Describe the structure of DNA including the following: the structure of a DNA nucleotide the names of the 4 nitrogenous bases found in DNA the arrangement of nucleotides in a DNA molecule purines (double-ring structures), pyrimidines (single-ring structures) complementary base pairing the location and importance of hydrogen bonds Conceptual Understanding 2. Describe the basic process of DNA replication. Include: idea of templates, importance of complementary base pairing, functions of DNA polymerase. 3. Describe the initial events of DNA replication including the function of orgins of relipcaiton, helicases and single-stranded binding proteins. 4. DNA replication is complicated by the anti-parallel nature of the DNA molecule. Explain the roles of Okazaki fragments and DNA ligase in replication. 5. Explain why DNA replication requires primase and RNA primers. Critical Thinking 6. Describe the methods and results of each of these experiments. Explain clearly how the results provided evidence that DNA was the genetic material. nuclear transplantation experiments Griffith’s transformation experiment Hershey-Chase experiments using bacterial viruses Chargaff’s analysis of the base composition of DNA 7. Explain how x-ray diffraction studies and the data of Chargaff helped Watson and Crick determine the structure of DNA. 8. Watson and Crick knew DNA must be the genetic material because its structure gives it 4 properties a genetic molecule must possess; namely, information content, diversity, capacity for change and ability to self- replicate. Show how the structure of DNA gives it these four properties. 9. Discuss the importance of "complementary base pairing". 10.
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molecular genetics study questions - Study Questions 11...

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