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Life in the third reich - Diana Browne HST 104 Professor...

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Diana Browne HST 104 Professor Chamberlin November 10, 2007 The Experience of Youth in the Third Reich The novel, Life in the Third Reich , composed by Richard Bessel is a collection of eight scholarly article comprised by eight different authors who address various aspects of the Nazi regime between 1933 and 1939, before the outbreak of World War II. These authors focus on the ways in which regular people experienced National Socialist rule. National socialism according to Hitler’s regime was a government that promoted the well-being of the common man, and it was also believed that their well-being was at jeopardy with the presence of non-Aryan races, especially decedents of Jewish blood. National socialism also promoted the nation of Germany or the superiority of the “pure” German race. Hitler purged Germany with totalitarian rule, completely removing the rights of his citizens, and brutally persecuting the Jewish race. The general goal of National Socialism and Hitler himself was to create a pure German society free from the clutter of “other impure races” also known as Volksgemeinschaft. The part of society that determines the direction of future generations is its youth. This essay will examine the youth of the Third Reich, and how they experienced and were impacted by Nazi regime, using the following articles: Village Life in Nazi Germany , Youth in the Third Reich , Social Outcasts in the Third Reich , and Good Times, Bad Times: Memories of the Third Reich . The youth of Germany was a primary target of the Nazi party; the male youth particularly was ideal for learning the Nazi ideals at a young age. Hitler realized that young minds are the easiest to mold, therefore, if he could train them at an early age, Hitler would be able to
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Browne manipulate and use those youths in their later years for his purpose. This principle can be
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Life in the third reich - Diana Browne HST 104 Professor...

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