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Browne Film Log 1 - Diana Browne Professors Thomas Warner...

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Diana Browne Professors Thomas, Warner, and West Thinking Globally: School of Global Studies August 30, 2006 Film Log 1: Brazil The film Brazil , is set in a futuristic dystopia in which society is under the autocratic rule of the government, similar to that of the novel, 1984 . Often in Brazil themes presented in class are reflected through the film. These themes include instrumental rationality, thought communities, cognitive universalism and individualism, nature and the individual identity. A general characteristic of instrumental rationality includes “focusing on how to…rather than why?” In the film, the protagonist Sam Lowry, and his supervisor Mr. Kurtzmann are not worried about Mr. Buttle, the man confused to be Mr. Tuttle; instead they are occupying their time with Lowry’s promotion and drinking tea. It is then later at the restaurant, the waiter is flabbergasted when Lowry does not order the number on the menu. The waiter cannot function and says, “you must say the number!” Similar to the dystopia in Brave New World , citizens have been taught certain procedures and when a situation goes askew they become baffled as to how
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Browne Film Log 1 - Diana Browne Professors Thomas Warner...

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