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Migration notes 2/21 3 rd group (??) chiefdoms; some sort of state structure. 4 th group nuclear America; the core of the Americas (Meso America (central America)) and the Central Andes (in w. South America.) These regions were the most socially complex. o Olmecs o Logograms o Numerical systems o Pyramids… Tenochtitlan: what was to become Mexico City, was a city of >100K inhabitants. Had intellectual workers, politicians etc. Initially there was no separation between military caste and priestly caste. o Developed astronomy; was more accurate than what the Europeans were using at the time heliocentric astronomy as opposed to geocentric o Mathematics mayan mathematics were highly advanced, based on
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Unformatted text preview: multiples of 20 instead of 10, involved the concept of 0 (nothingness an abstraction) o Slavery though it was more akin to Roman slavery than New world slavery; people could be liberated. o History of this city was cut short by European invasion • There were a lot of indigenous groups that allied themselves w/the Europeans in order to conquer the incas. There was internal conflict within Mexico already • Sedentary groups were easier to conquer than nomadic tribes; all that had to be done was to control the political apparatus, social control and discipline. • DISEASE...
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