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DonnieDarkoInterpretation - The whole point of the movie is...

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The whole point of the movie is that the plane engine that crashed into Donnie's bedroom came from 28 days into the future. The engine hit a wormhole and traveled back in time through some freak occurance in the space time continuum. Now in this film, they believe that the future is set and all of our actions are pre- determined. We follow a set path in life with no self control. And if we somehow change fate and we manage to breakthrough our destined path, then an entire new universe is created with these new choices we managed to make. For instance, lets say you're a child and your path in life is to grow up and become a doctor. Your fate is to become that doctor, but if you somehow become a cop then a new dimension is opened up where you have this profession but another dimension exists where you were meant to be a doctor. So this is what happens in the world of Donnie Darko (the movie). When the plane engine crashes, it disrupts the entire universe and opens up another dememsion. Their is the dimension where the plane engine doesn't go back in time and change the course of events, and there is the dimension the movie takes place in where the egine appears from the future. Now you might be thinking; well, if the engine came from the future then so what? The path is set, in 28 days when the world will "end" the engine will just go back in time like it's supposed to and everything can still exist in the universe. But herein lies the problem, the engine is not going to travel back to that point when it's supposed to. By opening up the other dimension, it trapped the wormhole in the primary universe. Donnie has to send the engine back in time himself or else all of time and the entire universe they are existing in will be reset to that moment the engine crashes. What I'm saying is that these 28 days have been repeating over and over for God knows how long. In the beginning of the movie, Donnie wakes up at the same location he was at during the end of the movie when he's with dead Gretchen in the car. He
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