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paper1managemnetissue - Common Management Issues 185a...

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Common Management Issues 185a Article on “Lessons from a Team” Working in teams can be at times frustrating, but also can be a very effective, efficient way of accomplishing many tasks as long as communication is clear and frequent. Teamwork is effective and efficient because it is a way of utilizing everyone’s talents to accomplish a higher goal because each group member is specializing in their preferred/talented field. In this paper I will reveal hardships that I went through while working in a team, management issues my groups had to deal with and advice that could be helpful for students in a new/current groups.
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One issue that I predicted prior to working with new entrepreneurs is that despite their willingness to create and venture out on new ideas, they still need some form of direction amongst the group. Having a leader is essential in a group because otherwise everyone would be implementing their ideas with no path or plan. The leader is someone who listens carefully to the group and is responsive to what everyone is saying, and takes the initiative to express the consensus of the group and takes action in planning and organizing the thoughts, goals. The leader doesn’t necessarily need an understanding of all the sections of the group project or be more skilled than his group members, but at least have good communication skills to spread information throughout the group. This is very important because sometimes group members don’t communicate well, such as an economist and an engineer trying to meet the same goal of selling a product. The engineer wants details and specs of the product while the economist wants to know the supply and demand. Ultimately they want the product to sell, but are communicating this in a different way and
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paper1managemnetissue - Common Management Issues 185a...

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