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Alltel Television Advertisements - Billy Mills English 101...

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Billy Mills English 101 8:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays Professor Shuping December 4, 2007 Alltel Television Advertisements Over the past couple years; cell phones have become a very big part in people’s lives. With cell phones, not only do you have the mobility to call anyone in the world, but now you can do many more things, such as, check your emails, browse the internet, listen to music, and check your positioning through GPS. And with several cell phone companies out there with different things to offer, it can be tough to choose which company is best for you. That is why advertising has become very important for these companies. One of the most popular forms of advertising is the usage of television commercials. To be successful in attracting consumers, you need to have a creative commercial idea that catches the people’s attention and that also shows them why they should use your product rather than an opposing competitors’ product. The Alltel cell phone company is a perfect example of using a creative commercial idea to attract people into buying their product. They compare their cell phone plans with other cell phone companies plans with plain facts and a little bit of humor. The Alltel television commercials compare their phone plans, and everything else they have to offer, with other companies’ phone plans by using actors to represent each of the different cell phone companies. Each of the rival cell phone company’s representatives is lookalikes of their company’s own cell phone commercials, adding onto the humor of the commercials. In these commercials the Alltel representative, “Chad”, brags about how much better his cell phone service is than the other cell phone companies, which are represented by
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Billy Mills English 101 8:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays Professor Shuping December 4, 2007 four stereotypical geeks. These four rival geeks do all they can to stop or even try to match the Alltel services, but “Chad” is simply too cool for them. These humorous commercials catch the eyes of not just teenagers, but adults too. In each Alltel commercial, “Chad” shows us how Alltel puts their customers first by being America’s largest network, providing its customers with the Alltel My Circle, and with the ability to change their plans anytime. Chad tells us that Alltel provides more network coverage than anybody else and promises to keep you covered from coast to coast. Alltel strives to make sure that every one of your calls goes through and stays connected throughout the entire duration of your phone call. Alltel also owns and operates America’s largest network, which gives you the freedom to travel to anywhere in the United States without having to worry about your network service. (Alltel) Alltel also provides its users with Alltel’s My Circle plan, which provides their customers with unlimited free calling to and from any ten numbers on any network, anywhere in America, so you can keep in touch with the people you talk to the most. And with Alltel you have the
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Alltel Television Advertisements - Billy Mills English 101...

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