English paper on traditions (rough draft)

English paper on traditions (rough draft) - Billy Mills...

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Billy Mills English 101 8:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays Professor Shuping September 25, 2007 A Christmas Tradition My family’s Christmas traditions usually begins a few days after Thanksgiving. At this time every year, we start Christmas shopping for our family members. My brothers and I each go shopping with either one of our parents, one at a time, for each other’s birthday presents. This usually involves buying things from both Wal-Mart and neighboring Dollar Tree. After we get all we want to get for each other, all three of us get together and buy gifts for our closest extended family members, like our close cousins and grandparents. After all our shopping is complete, we all usually go out to lunch and enjoy the rest of the day with each other. Our tradition continues, later that night, with all of us putting together and decorating the fake Christmas tree. Each of us put our own ornaments, from the years past, onto the tree and add the Christmas lights and other decorations, like the star for the top of the tree. Under the tree we set up a porcelain Nativity scene which, after all, represents the reason we have the opportunity to celebrate Christmas. On Christmas Eve, the whole family goes to a Christmas Eve service at our church. My parents have always stressed this part of the holiday season, to keep our focus on what Christmas is really all about, the birth of Jesus Christ and not all about the gifts. When we get home from church, we all go into the living room to watch the annual Charlie Brown Christmas
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English paper on traditions (rough draft) - Billy Mills...

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