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Dopamine, Reward Prediction Error, and Economics

Dopamine, Reward Prediction Error, and Economics - Dopamine...

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Dopamine, Reward Prediction Error, and Economics Reaction Paper Tuhin Chakraborty This paper primarily concerns the DRPE hypothesis, as well as a rough draft of how the theory can be implemented in the field of economics. Though the paper presented a concise and simple explanation of many of the properties of dopamine, the review was not nearly as interesting as some of the things discussed later. Their explanation of dopamine as 'a building block for learning' was a little different from most of the dopamine conversations we have been having in class recently though. It seemed a little out of place to me, considering we have always talked about dopamine with regards to it's behavioral effects on humans and animals. The study that was quoted in the paper about subjects actually experiencing an increased rate of learning in comparison to their peers was one that blew me away. It was also really intriguing to read the section about axioms in Neuroeconomics. It served as a
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