A New Economic View of Addiction

A New Economic View of Addiction - A New Economic View of...

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A New Economic View of Addiction Reaction Paper Tuhin Chakraborty Economically, addiction is something that our society has struggled with for a long time. Over the years, our medical views of addiction have changed drastically, and as we learn more and more about the neural mechanisms of addiction, they will surely show how we should reevaluate our economic policies to make them as efficient as possible. The problem with these addictive substances is that their use creates so many complications, each of which we must take into account when we view the issue from an economic or public policy perspective. This includes misinformation or ignorance about substances, negative externalities created by substances (such as second-hand smoke or drunk drivers), or the consequences of uninsurable risks – trying to moderate the negative economic consequences of addiction, while simultaneously trying to prevent the increase of incentives of experimentation. There are other problems as well. Economically, we often judge people's behaviors by their
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