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Gwinn Kristine Gwinn Sociology 101 September 10 th  2007  Disney: More Detailed Inspections Since the recent recall of many Mattel products, Walt Disney Co has decided to have all toys  that involve Disney characters independently tested. These toys will be tested for lead paint and other  safety issues such as small parts that could come lose. Disney will also start requiring retail stores to  submit their own test results before putting products on the shelves. The company will hire more  people in its product integrity office to oversee the program. Categories of products that will be tested  include toys, jewelry and children’s clothing from about 2,000 licensees, including Mattel, which is the 
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Unformatted text preview: largest maker of Disney-related toys. This is a good move seeing as Mattel, in a little over a month, has recalled more than 21 million Chinese made toys. Out of those toys 436,000 toy cars based on a Disney character, “Sarge”, was recalled because of lead paint. I think Disney is making a huge effort to gain the trust back from its customers and I definitely think they will. Disney is a huge name that every child has grown up hearing. I don’t think it will be going any where....
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