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Manuale D’Amore I really enjoyed this Italian movie. I liked how there was a whole bunch of love stories that intertwined with one another. Each love story was well written, because every scenario was something that everyone could relate to in some way or another. I especially loved Ornella. Her attitude towards the whole cheating situation was exactly the way that every woman wants another woman to act, if they are put in that situation. No matter how weird it sounds, I appreciated the ways that she tried to seek revenge. Her high strung attitude was admirable. It was interesting to hear how many Italian couples actually cheat on one another. In my opinion, this is totally different than the statistics of American couples. It was a lot of fun to watch the story of the doctor and the restaurant owner. Throughout the movie, you got to know him and in a way you could feel his pain. So
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Unformatted text preview: when he found a woman that he was interested in, you felt happy for him. The person who I was watching the movie with and I both thought it was strange that the little girl of the restaurant owner did not wear a bathing suit top. Even though she was relatively young, it was strange for us Americans to see, because we are more modest about nudity. It was interesting to see the different cultural perspectives. I also liked watching this movie, because I got to hear vocabulary that weve been learning in class. It was interesting to hear it in an authentic Italian conversation. It was also nice to see other cultural things, such as the Italian cars and street signs. I liked how it was not only a love story, but a comedy as well. It had me laughing continuously and it was nice to see a foreign film that was not boring....
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