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Art continued Philadelphia is known as First Friday. This is an incredible event that can not be matched. This event occurs on the first Friday of every month and is an open house of 40 or more art galleries to the public. History Philadelphia is an ideal place to go if one was interested in history. Philadelphia is home to the liberty bell, which has been quoted to be “the best living textbook example available for understanding the history of our nation.” Hundreds of visitors view the liberty bell every day, since it is such an important part of our nation’s history. In addition to the liberty bell, Philadelphia has Independence Hall, which is where the signing of the Declaration of Independence took place . Whether a visitor is a history
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Unformatted text preview: buff, or just simply wants to view the location of where our nation got its start, Philadelphia is the place to go. Culture A not-so-popular fact about Philadelphia is that it is a cultural melting pot. There is a wide variety of cultures and ethnicities. Philadelphia is not just the street life culture that is often portrayed. Little Italy and China Town are a huge part of the cultural melting pot. The section of Northeast Philadelphia where these are located has a strong heritage which makes one’s experience really authentic. In Little Italy, there’s the Italian market where items such as fresh fish and vegetables are sold. Also, in China Town authentic gifts are sold. (Little Italy) (China Town) Philadelphia at its Finest...
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