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February 8, 2008 Friday Basic Industries Ideas for Project The following are things you can talk about in the project: Airports (passengers and cargo) are quite good Sporting activities (professional sports) are great to show the money made by sporting arena’s (possibly a basic function) Light manufacturing, like making watches and pens. Heavy manufacturing is separable from light manufacturing (bridges, trains, etc). Research and Development (especially universities) Tourism and recreation and leisure Sea ports Retail Railway termini for cargo Government and administration (this one is difficult and can be avoided) Financial Services Military bases Brasilia – A Planned City There was nothing where Brasilia is and the Brazilians decided to build it from scratch. Brief History The location of the city was determined as a move towards development of the undeveloped interior of the country. More than 90% of the population lived within 50 miles of the coast (and Brasilia is located inland). The site was selected and an international competition was held to get the most suitable plan. Lucio Costa won the competition and he tried to create the urban ideal (also known as an urban utopia). The city was then built and completed in 1960 – 1961. It was not designed for human interaction because it was designed around the use of the automobile.
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highways. Thus, walking was not an easy option. Initial Problems The city did not easily attract people. The bureaucrats and politicians were lured to the city with a 100% salary increase and huge apartments. Rio and Sao Paulo were weekend getaways. Brasilia was cold, sterile and segregated. The city became the “3 day city” because the people went to work on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays and then left for a long 4-day weekend. Current Situation No typical urban problems like pollution and traffic congestion exist. There is no provision for the poor who helped build the city. This led to the development of communities around the city, known as satellite towns . February 11, 2008 Monday Required Reading for Test 2 Placed online as an announcement. Other required readings will be placed on the class website. Some readings will not come from the text, but from articles. Rio de Janeiro What are the advantages and disadvantages of Rio’s site and situation? The advantages are: Excellent natural harbor facilities (situation) Excellent recreation and tourism: closeness to the sea and great beaches (situation) Good, flat land for development (site) The disadvantages are: Land space is limited because of the presence of hills nearby (site) Overcrowding becomes a problem because of land space issue. Houses encroach on hills and hillside development becomes unsafe, expensive and
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URP Notes Exam 2 - February 8, 2008 Friday Basic Industries...

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