Post lab 2 - back Whenever a friction is removed from any experiment it makes it easier 4 No the mass is not a vector quantity as it has no

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Lab 2: Newton’s First Law and Vector Addition Postlab Answers 1. You can keep adding as many forces as you want as long as you change the angles and make it in equilibrium but if you have 4 forces, you will not be able to add forces randomly in between. 2. No it will not be possible as we need at least two forces to have equilibrium after removing the pin 3. It would be easier if we removed friction as there would be nothing pulling the object
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Unformatted text preview: back. Whenever a friction is removed from any experiment, it makes it easier. 4. No the mass is not a vector quantity as it has no direction. 5. The string is not touching the table, however, the pulley is pulling the sting upwards and that makes it the source of friction. The friction keeps the experiment in equilibrium. It balances out the forces....
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