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PHY102M Lab 1: The Kinematics of Free Fall – Post Lab 1. The velocity vs. time graph has a constant slope. This slope represents acceleration, which is always equal to gravity. 2. If the cross-sectional area was increased, while the mass remained constant, the acceleration to be slower because of the increased wind resistance. If there was no air, the results would be the same, since the mass remained constant. The thin
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Unformatted text preview: fence and the thick fence would give the same results when there is no air present. 3. The measured g should be the same since you let go before it reached the detector. Once it reached the detector, it would accelerate with the same value of g. The value of H should also stay the same. 4. 1.96 m/s 9.8 m/s 2 * [(1/10 sec)*(1/2)] 5. 0.784 m 1.96 m/s * 0.2 sec * 2...
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