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Lightning Notes - Equations of Value - Yield Rates

Lightning Notes - Equations of Value - Yield Rates - 8 i =...

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Lightning Notes – Equations of Value and Yield Rates Equations of Value – Introduction to the BA II plus N / I Y PV PMT FV Example: Find FV of $5000 at 6% i = for 7 N = years. Example: Annuity Equations of Value – Cash Flow Worksheet Example: Multiple Contributions 500 today, 600 in one year, 700 each of the next 3 years.
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Unformatted text preview: 8%. i = Timelines provide powerful tool Quadratic Formula --- use BAII plus Method of Equated Time Investment Return (Unique yield, no yield, undefined, multiple yield rate) 3 – Party example (Bottom Line Approach) Approximate Dollar Weighted Yield Rates Time – Weighted Yield Rates...
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