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Unformatted text preview: Philosophy 304: Contemporary Moral Problems TEST 4 REVIEW 02:26:21 Format: essay test. Random organizational thoughts below 1. Fighting Words: A History 2. Pornography: outline of arguments a. Attorney Generals commission on pornography i. There are obviously numerous causes for things ii. Three categories of pornography 1. Violent 2. Nonviolent but degrading 3. Nonviolent and Nondegrading iii. All but last definitely change attitudes iv. Makes arguments that coincide with sort of a best bet argument b. Pornography, oppression, and freedom: a closer look Helen Longino i. Pornography, especially violent, is implicated in the committing of crimes of violence against women ii. Porn is the vehicle for the dissemination of a deep and vicious lie about women. It is defamatory and libelous iii. The diffusion of such a distorted view of womens nature in our society as it exists today supports sexist (i.e. male-centered) attitudes, and thus reinforces the oppression and exploitation of womensexist (i....
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