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Sheet1 Page 1 isolationism. both myth and reality myth- republican government tried "independant internationalism" meaning- the only reason we are involved in the world is to benifit ourselves 3 sources of isolationism 1. disillusioned by internationalism? 2. blaming of capitalism. .economics (read nye committee) 3. great depression itself i don't care why we go to war, i just don't like people lying to me. War on Terror whatev. hitler stalin pact/treaty
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Unformatted text preview: non aggression treaty/pact when it is broken it is the beginning of the end of the war. we wouldn't know unless he was still around. (manipulator/political magician) steps to war 1. cache and carry 2. destroyer for bases deal (roosevelt and churchhill) 3. lend lease act (send guns not sons) 4. convoy system (true manipulation) good politician = manipulator. does she want to go to war? maybe. lets' play....
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