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Sam Roberts Professor Garcia March 23 rd , 2008 AMH2020 (12:30-1:20) Chapter 28: The American People in Wartime The second World War was one of the greatest for the American people since the civil war, requiring not a passing involvement but a full commitment by each and every citizen. Throughout the war certain aspects can be found and answered to allow for a greater understanding of the lasting impacts of debatably the greatest war in the history of the world. A few historical themes that can be pulled from the War in reference to Americans. The first of which is Prosperity . The United States had been suffering through a world economic recession and the great depression had been hurting all aspects of American living. Because of the war it created a War-induced economic recovery for the industrialized parts of the US. Because of this wartime need, it boomed the economy of the Western United states (California, Washington state) as they were the newly created front for Pacific combat. Also with a surge of jobs provided by men leaving for war, the gap was replaced by the unemployed, which included women. Over seven million women went to work in the factories, forever changing the roles of women in society. Even with so much activity going on around them , the US government did not forget the mistakes it made during the first World War. They pass rules and regulations to help stop inflation, therefore decreasing the chance of a later economic recession. Although there war a great attempt to mobilize wartime production, it was not as controlled and regulated as WWI, and therefore does not get more than a sentence mention. Technology, like the economy, also hit a boom. With a need to make your enemy’s
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ShortAnswerEssay - Sam Roberts Professor Garcia March 23rd,...

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