WWWE-piano - MUED4342 Music Fundamentals & Literature...

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WWW Evaluation- The Piano Education Page September 11, 2007
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Worldwide Web Resources Evaluation Name and address of site: The Piano Education Page-http://pianoeducation.org/ Type of site (school district, commercial, individual, etc.) The Piano Education Page is a non-profit site that is run on donations as a public service. Site organization/appearance (specific features): On the home page, the left quarter of the site was not aligned with the rest on the page. This has some boxes running into words, and lines being drawn through them. The colors and style of the page give it a very 90’s look, and the layout is farily simple. All this is understandable, because after all, this site is a non-profit site. Most of the effort is spent on the content of the website, rather than the appearance of it. Type and quality of information available (state reasons based on expertise/qualifications of informant): I really like the way this site is organized. There is a section for kids, parents, and
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This homework help was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course MUED 4342 taught by Professor D.kretchmer during the Fall '07 term at University of Houston.

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WWWE-piano - MUED4342 Music Fundamentals & Literature...

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