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Worldwide Web Resources Evaluation5

Worldwide Web Resources Evaluation5 - MUED4342 Music...

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MUED4342 Music Fundamentals & Literature for Children WWW Evaluation- Classical Archives September 18, 2007
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Worldwide Web Resources Evaluation Name and address of site: Classical Archives < http://www.classicalarchives.com/site.html > Type of site (school district, commercial, individual, etc) This is a commercial website, but subscription is also available. Site organization/appearance (specific features): This site is very well organized and the layout is defiantly very eye-catching. The red and gold of the site are nicely contrasted, giving the site a very stately appearance. The gold horses also contribute to this. Type and quality of information available (state reasons based on expertise/qualifications of informant): There are tons of information available at this site. This site actually boasts at being the largest classical archive site on the web, and this can very easily be seen as true. If one is a free user they are only allowed to access five unprotected files, but subscription is only $25 per year, becoming a member is not very expensive.
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