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Mass and Va Established Churches Thesis: Mass and VR started out as very different colonies, yet b/c of P1 What was an establish church their common practice, history and ideas they came together in 1776 1. demanding people belong to the same church to defeat the British and eEstablished Churches 2. no diversity P1 Although Va and Mass were both English colonies founded in the P2 compare colonies early 17 th century they were different in several ways. 1. religious freedom 1. religious background 2. religious toleration 2. economies P3 explain the views of enlightenment thinkers regarding organized 3. climate religion P2 Not w/ standing these differences, these 2 colonies shared 1. common practice and institutions that helped them to develop a P4 great awakening on religious unity sense of unity. 1. separation of church and state 1. representative gov’t P5 Jefferson and Madison influences in Va and in framing
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Unformatted text preview: 2. hereditary nobility 1. of constriction P3 As w/ the other colonies Va and Mass developed an intense 2. of Anglican and congregational church devotion to their colonial assemblies 1. land ownership 2. enlightenment (Locke) 3. reglect P4 Va and Mass were influenced by the religious revival known as the Great Awakening 1. GA united the colonies 2. encourage am to tradition Slavery P1 European discovering Africans 1. same time 2. apes 3. heathenism barbarism sexual promiscuity P2 Africans were vulnerable 1. no powerful nation-state 2. Indians a. close to home 3. Af no where to run P3 only in the south 1. word in the north vs the south 2. large and cheap work force 3. outnumbered by indentured servants P4 buying of slaves 1. 1 st cheaper to buy servants 2. economic improved in England 3. became more popular...
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