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Ethnocentrism I. define ethnocentrism. Explain its purpose II. African Americans A. How did Anglo Americans view Africans B. What was the social purpose for slavery? (superior) C. Were Northern different from Southern in terms of racial views? D. What was the impact of the Second Great Awakening? 1. Rise of the abolitionist movement- how did the south react? 2. southern determination to maintain white supremacy- the black code, KKK, Jim Crow, poll tax, literacy test
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Unformatted text preview: III. American Indians A. how did Anglo Americans view Native Americans? B. Removal of the 5 cicilized Tribes C. Manifest Destiny 1. reservations 2. prejudice against Mexicans D. plains Indian wars 1. sand creek massacre 2. battle of the Washita 3. Golden the black hills – Custer last stand 4. Assimilation, boarding schools, slaughter buffalo, Dawns act 5. ghost dance- wounded knee...
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