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Karen Boschetti PO #326 Writing Assignment #2 If we must study arguments, then logic is the best way. Logic helps us evaluate and study arguments on a deeper level. Logic gives us a different way to look at arguments and to dissect them appropriately. Learning about logic can make our own arguments stronger and more sound. So you see, the study of logic is very valuable. A L L A L D A M L A L / L A // L D /// A M //// L ←VALID T T T T T I tried to specifically answer the question and use it in my conclusion.
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Unformatted text preview: My premises support the conclusion well and relate directly to it. My argument is valid and deductive because based on the premises; the conclusion has to be true. Furthermore the argument is sound because all of the premises are also true. Logic is a tool that we use to study arguments in depth and it does help us to understand them and dissect them. And following the rules we learn in logic, we can make our own arguments better....
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