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Karen Boschetti Eng. 300, Joy 8/18/04 To live in a world where there are no weapons or violence, where peace prevails and everyone really does love their neighbors as themselves—it’s a nice fantasy, but that’s all a world without war will ever be, a fantasy. From the time we first interact with others as a child, fighting is what we do. You don’t have to tell you child to hit, they just do. Disagreements are inherent to the human life. War is a disagreement taken to an extreme. Whether it’ s people fighting for a belief or a country in search of more power, living in a world with such diversity and variation of customs cultures are bound to but heads. Today this “butting of heads” between cultures in the form of war is prevalent in Iraq. International security has become the leading controversial issue in our current
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Unformatted text preview: presidential elections. Being conservative, I’m highly in favor of more national security. I believe that we are under threat from terrorist groups. Allowing these groups to take power over other countries that don’t have as many resources as we do would only open up the door to make us more susceptible to attack, as we already were on September 11, 2001. Terrorism is one of our world’s most obvious evils. It’s not something that ends on its own but it has to be stopped. I’m proud to live in a country where a leader has chosen to take a stand against terrorism. We’ve lost many lives in this fight and we’ll continue to lose many more. But bowing down and allowing terrorists to run freely would result in many more lost lives over time. What we lose today we gain for a safer and more peaceful tomorrow....
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